Alliance Roofing branches out to Sacramento

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Alliance Roofing Company, a national leader in commercial roofing and waterproofing for more than 27 years, has opened a new office at 1685 Helena Ave. Suite B in Sacramento. Established in San Jose, the company expansion will provide corporate and small business communities in the Central Valley with all of Alliance’s premier roofing and waterproofing services at one easy-to-access local office.

“In Sacramento, we’ve worked with a plethora of big companies, but now we’re able to serve all the smaller, community-based businesses from Reno to Modesto,” said Senior Project Manager Andy Spring.

Since 1986, when Alliance was founded, the company has built some of the most lucrative and compelling projects in the Western United States, including professional sports arenas, grandiose casinos, classified government headquarters and customized mansions. Today in Northern California, the company is recognized not only for its innovative role in roofing technologies, but also for its strong commitment to community service. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the company has contributed to college programs at Stanford, Santa Clara University and UC Berkeley.

Alliance’s roofing services include roof repairs, restoration, installation and consultation. Clients may select from a wide array of roofing systems including cool roofs, solar roofing, living roofs with gardens and more. The company also provides a wide range of services for the everyday needs of property owners and managers including preventive roof maintenance, waterproof coatings, inspections and a 24-hour support service for leaks and other roofing emergencies. All roofing materials used are top-quality, and every project, no matter how big or small, Alliance pledges to provide with the utmost skilled expertise, quality and professionalism that it’s recognized for.

“It is critical that people understand that Alliance is different, that we embrace change and that we are always working to break new ground,” said Alliance CEO Roderick Miller. “The status quo was yesterday. We are tomorrow’s company. As we grow and change, we’re expanding not only the expertise and knowledge of our company, but also the reach of our services, as with Sacramento.”

For general information, please call (916) 239-4572.

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Alliance Roofing Sponsors Stanford, Cal, Santa Clara

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Alliance Roofing are proud sponsors of Stanford, Santa Clara, and Cal Berkeley Athletics.


Alliance Roofing: 2012 Firestone Master Contractor

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Since 1988, Firestone Building Products has presented the Firestone Master Contractor Award to a select group of roofing professionals who share their commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and long-term quality. Alliance Roofing is the proud recipient of the 2012 Firestone Master Contractor Award.

We’re @ Twitter

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The Alliance Roofing team is at the new Twitter Facility on Market Street in San Francisco.