Alliance Roofing Service Division

A new roof is expensive! That’s why Alliance Roofing Company, Inc. offers a dedicated Service Division. In most cases, our expertise will retain the quality of your new or existing roof well beyond the manufacturer’s stated life expectancy.

With Alliance Roofing’s Service Division, all customers are provided direct access to a Service Representative. Your Service Representative is your personal roofing expert, providing you with consultation, roof inspections, budget forecasts, and peace of mind.

The Service Division is dedicated to addressing the everyday needs of building owners, property managers, facilities engineers, and contractors.

Roofs, like every other building component, eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Even given a well-designed and installed roof system, the most significant variable in the longevity equation is how well the roof is maintained. Just as machinery needs to be oiled and filters changed, roofs need to be maintained or breakdowns will result.