Waterproofing Systems

Alliance Roofing Company, Inc. is a regional leader in the commercial waterproofing industry.   Since its inception in 1986, the company has participated in building some of the most compelling and high-profile projects in the Western United States including professional sports arenas, grand casinos, theme parks, internationally renowned hotels, high profile technology campuses, classified government headquarters and customized mansions.

Alliance Roofing has become the go to team in the Bay Area for many of the leading general contractors when their project requires waterproofing.

Our expertise includes:

Below Grade Waterproofing        Blindside Waterproofing

Podium Waterproofing               Traffic and Pedestrian Deck Coatings

Injections                                    Pedestal and Pavers


Waterproofing is the treatment of a structure’s surface to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic head or standing water conditions. It is used for foundation walls and sub‐structures, slabs‐on‐grade, plaza decks, planters and green roofs, sumps and elevator pits, and between slabs or split slabs.

The first step in selecting the most appropriate waterproofing system involves determining when and where it is to be employed on the building. In standard construction projects, positive‐side waterproofing is generally applied directly to the face of the structure exposed to water (or hydrostatic head of water). Negative‐side waterproofing, on the other hand, is applied interior to the exposed structure, either in the wall or on the inside face of the wall—it has no direct exposure to ground water. Finally, blind‐side waterproofing is affixed to an adjacent structure or soil retention feature (e.g. slurry wall), rather than the new structural wall. It is ‘blind’ because one cannot see the finished product sandwiched between the wall and the neighboring property.