In 1986, Rod Miller founded Alliance Roofing Company Inc. Below is his initial mission statement and business philosophy. 


  1. To install the highest quality roofing system available…anywhere. The quality of the installation is the definition of the company.
  2. To treat our customers exactly as we expect to be treated. The best business is repeat business.
  3. To be professional…constantly raising the bar of competition, to achieve the highest levels within our industry.
  4. To create a safe environment where people will thrive, enjoy their work, and be successful.
  5. To treat each employee as an important part of our company.

Business Philosophy:

None of the above will matter if we become stale and comfortable.

It is critical that our people understand that we are different, we embrace change, and we will break new ground.

Status quo was yesterday; we are tomorrow’s company.

Over thirty years later, there is no doubt that Rod’s fundamental vision is the foundation for our success. Still, we are not comfortable. We will do better. Alliance Roofing Company, Inc. assures clients and affiliates, alike, that we will consistently adapt and evolve in order to accommodate tomorrow’s world.

“Alliance Roofing is the best roofing contractor in our market. We can always rely on them to meet our schedules, even under the most challenging weather conditions. Their quality is always first-class, and they have both the collaborative and technical skills to successfully complete the most complex projects. We wholeheartedly recommend them.”
— Mike Blach, President & CEO of Blach Construction Company