Production with Safety and Quality Control

“Production with Safety” is the motto of Alliance Roofing Company and there has been a commitment to safety and quality control since inception.  For over 30 years Alliance has been recognized as an industry leader in roofing and waterproofing projects.

Alliance employs a trained and skilled workforce through a partnership with the Bay Area Union Roofing and Waterproofing Apprenticeship Program and has a staff capable of handling the most challenging projects.  We are dedicated to providing a culture in which safety and quality control are consistently promoted.  To maintain that vision, Alliance employs a full-time safety and quality control team to conduct jobsite inspections, oversee product installation, coordinate with manufacturer’s representatives, implement safety training, and manage regulatory requirements for safety.

As a participating contractor of the San Francisco Bay Area Union Roofing Worker’s Compensation Program, Alliance provides the best care possible for our employees in case there is an injury on the job.  This worker’s compensation program also has an independent safety auditor who regularly visits jobsites to ensure that regulatory compliance for participating contractors is achieved.  Our employees and their families appreciate this attention to safety by eliminating injuries and striving to achieve our goal of sending our workers home safely each day.