Division 7 Construction

Experience, integrity, and expertise are the elements that set Alliance Roofing Company, Inc. apart from its competitors.

Over the last 30 years, Alliance has quickly risen to the pinnacle as Northern California’s leading commercial roofing and waterproofing contractor. And, while the Bay Area is our home, Alliance has participated in building some of the most compelling and high-profile projects in the Western United States, including: professional sports arenas, grand casinos, theme parks, internationally renowned hotels, high profile technology campuses, classified government headquarters, and customized mansions.

We do not simply pride ourselves upon our past achievements, rather, we look to the challenges that are still to come. Alliance is continuously evolving and adapting in order to bring the customer, newer and better technologies in the roofing and waterproofing industry. We believe that our best projects and greatest accomplishments are still ahead of us.

Alliance can self-preform most Division 7 building envelope specs; including Roofing, WaterproofingExpansion Joints, Pedestals and Pavers, and Caulking and Sealants.

Whether the project is new construction, re-roofing, negotiated projects or consultation, Alliance Roofing Company Inc. pledges to provide you with the skilled expertise, quality, and professionalism you deserve. 


Roofing                                       Waterproofing

Injections                                    Pedestal and Pavers

Expansion Joints                         Caulking & Sealants

Roof Accessories                         Skylights